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Garbage :: 07.15.04 @ 3:35 am :: posted by TGMJR
I have Absolutely No Idea what's going to be on this website. I was so into designing, creating my logo, and getting the site up, that I forgot to think about one key ingredient.

Now everybody say it with me! Content!

So what am I to do?
  • Goto other websites and steal content? No
  • Goto other websites and jot down sections? Maybe
  • Dick around untill I figure out what to do? Yes

God I'm so fucking lazy. Maybe I should just take as many xtacy pills as I can and go fuck some random hot bitch. Or my ex-girlfriend.

Decisions, Decisions.

Hey if anyone can give me some real advice, I'd be more than happy to add a perm link (actually a button, 88x31) to the right.

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Greatone2155 :: 07.24.04 @ 3:18 pm :: ip: logged
All hail to the motha f*ckin jack rabbIT!

hey i saw this shit that you could use....

the other guy

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