the one stop shop for absolutely nothing
Now why in the hell would you want to know about me and this website?
Well, first off let me tell you a little story about me. I was born in New Orleans. Lived there till I was 4. You know what? Fuck That! There isn't a single person on the internet that really wants to know about me. So I'll move on to the website.

Everyday I go to work, come home, be bored off my fucking ass, then go to sleep. I figure why not do something that will keep me entertained. So, I'm browsing the web on my computer when I come across a website,, I'm looking at all the pretty cool stuff on his webpage, when for some odd reason, I decided to go to his links section. I start clicking on some of them. As I'm going through a lot of pages, I notice that there are multiple websites just like his. So I start doing some research. Even though I didn't have a single clue to go on. I came to the conclusion that they were called e/n sites.

Now I know I probably sound like a complete fucking moron.
So if I do, oh well, because I could give a rat's ass less.

There I go. Going of the subject like I always do in life. See what you made me do asshole! I try to explain the website to you and there I go, pissing myself off. God Damnit!

Now that I got that out of my system. Where was I? Shit! I forgot.

Screw it I'll go on to something else. Basically this site is probably going to be pretty boring and not very amusing because I'm not very talented nor am I very creative. I might throw in some shit about gaming, porn, or what not. All depending on what I feel like doing at any given moment. I guess you could say that I'm done talking about this website. So take some ecstacy and e-mail me in the morning when you still haven't gone to sleep yet.